Friday, August 17, 2012

A Series of an Old Dog's Bark

To the dog who fetched newspapers, balls, bowls, and sticks, the dog who nibbled on my back, the dog who sneezed when she got excited, the dog who greeted me at the door when I came home from school, the dog who never failed to scarf down her food, the dog who loved "schwimmen", rides in the car, walks, treats and more, the dog with various nick names and tricks, the dog who was the perfect wake up alarm, the dog who continuously dragged me on the leash, the dog with rank breath, the dog I received on my ninth birthday, the dog who was an avid talker, the dog who hunted squirrels, birds, and "buggies", the dog who had a sense of humor, the dog who would "snap snap" when she didn't get her way, the dog who aimlessly wandered, and the dog who provided unconditional love, support, and company without fail.

The list is boundless. I miss you, Pig, and I hope to see you once again.

February 9, 1999 - August 6, 2012