Friday, July 22, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon

On Wednesday afternoon, I traveled to College Station to stay the night with a couple of friends.  I decided to transport some of my belongings to my new house as well.  My roommate, Lizzy, is currently training a five month old red goldendoodle, Sampson.  He is in the Aggie Guide-Dogs & Service Dogs (AGS) puppy raising program.

Aggie Guide-Dogs & Service-Dogs (AGS) is a student-run organization at Texas A&M University that began in 1997.  AGS' purpose is to educate about, fundraise for, and promote the training and use of service dogs and to increase awareness about how these animals help the individuals with disabilities who use them.

The main goal of AGS is to train puppies to become service dogs.  With the help of Puppy Raisers, puppies learn how to obey and behave in public places, as well as commands unique to service dogs.  AGS members also provide services to the community via education and therapy-dog programs.

I have been in AGS since my freshman year at Texas A&M University.  I was on my way to become a puppy raiser until I got accepted into the Department of Visualization the summer of 2009.  After experiencing two summer studios and a technical drawing class, it was evident I would not have time to train and raise a puppy.  Even so, I still manage to take part by taking pictures at AGS' socializations, meetings, and events.  I have been dubbed the unofficial photographer.  Here are some of my favorite pictures I have taken through my journey with AGS:


I accompanied Lizzy, Brianna, Ariel, and their dogs to the dog park.  Brianna is training Bentley, a five month old cream goldendoodle, and Ariel is training Duke, a year old black labradoodle.  Fortunately, I had my camera to record the mayhem.

For more information on AGS: Aggie Guide-Dogs & Service-Dogs

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