Monday, July 11, 2011

Expressions without Direction

To display my mood in the most appropriate way, I drew the apathetic beast.  He morphed in my sketchbook after sitting through hours of studio project presentations in October 2010.  The line art was created in May.

I recently decided I wanted to develop this character.  Since his name, personality, and colors are currently undecided, I sketched out various facial expressions to help establish his character.  He is burly and clumsy, similar to a mastiff or bear.  As for personality characteristics, he is curious but cautious, docile and friendly when not provoked.  I imagine him similar to Ash's Charizard in the Pokémon series.

The plan is to model, rig, animate, and texture him in Maya when I find the time.  I can already visualize his heavy, swaggered gait in my head.  I want his rig to be suitable for biped and quadruped motion.  The orthographic projections were drawn in December 2010.  His front legs/arms are too thin in the drawing, but will be altered before I start to model.  

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