Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Immersive Environment Design

Task: Design an immersive environment with a body interface
Theme: Visible/Invisible
Project: Projection to HMD 

Concept: User logs into computer and runs a program.  The program contains a virus.  The user will run an anti-virus software.  The user now takes the form of the anti-virus software, more importantly Spybot.  The user is plunged into a forest-like maze where the user is left to disinfect the environment and find the source of the virus.  

This is my first studio project of the semester for VIST 405.  My partners are Oscar Camorlinga and Rhiannon Martinez.  Our original idea was to have a Trojan virus. After thorough discussion, we decided to change the Trojan virus to a Worm.  The Trojan, though easily recognizable, is stereotypical, obvious, and cliche.  It is often used as a symbol of computer viruses.  The Worm is more suitable for our environment.  Here is a concept sketch of the Worm:

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