Sunday, October 2, 2011


As usual, school work has completely engulfed me.  Thankfully, I am managing to keep up with the work, but I am on the urge of falling at any moment.  Oscar, Rhiannon, and I finished our Circuitree project a week and a half ago.  I figured it was appropriate to share the finished product on my personal blog.  For our project, I designed, modeled, rigged, and animated the worm virus in Maya.  To read more about the project, you can check out my blog for my studio:

worm texture

rig composed of spline IK chain with additional bones

Demo of Project


  1. OMG, That was amazing! The music and the gameplay looked phenomenal! Your creature should have hade more stage time, though. I don't even like horror games, but my roommate plays them all the time and she would love something like that!

  2. Oh, he is going to have more stage time. Oscar and I decided to continue Circuitree for our final project. You can check out more on Circtuitree at my studio blog:

    I've been meaning to update Chromatic Rhythm. Eventually...