Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As you can probably tell, it's been a while since I've last updated.  Last semester buried me in school work, but I managed to survive with the help of friends. 

This semester I plan to start a pet photography business in College Station.  It only made sense to do so - I had been taking pictures for AGS (Aggie Guide-dogs and Service-dogs) for the past three years, I take a lot of animal pictures, and of course, I enjoy it.  I needed some practice, so I decided to ask my old friend, Christina, if I could take pictures of her new Siberian Husky puppy, Astro.  We went to our elementary school for the shoot.

Astro's personality was apparent from the start - even at 7 weeks old.  He's independent, stubborn, and curious.  He gave me a good fight to snag pictures of him.  I do not expect puppies to have a long attention span, so I had to be exceedingly patient with him (as he with me).  The playground was his stage, and he performed brilliantly.  

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